The 2019 Geneva Motor Show: VW Group Round-Up

The annual Swiss drool-fest is upon us once more. And no, we don’t mean the World Fondue Competition, but the even tastier Geneva International Motor Show, the event that sees car fans salivating like a rabid mastiff. For 11 days in March, the swish Swiss city is home to crazily expensive hypercars, wacky concepts and the latest iterations of old favourites.

Of course, you’ll want to see what your favourite German-owned automotive giant has on offer. So here’s the first part of our round-up.

1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire


Got £9.5 million sitting in your account? Tired of the poor savings rate? Well, if you’d have been a bit quicker off the mark,  you could have invested in Bugatti’s La Voiture Noire. Unfortunately, they’re only making one – yes, just one – and that’s already spoken for. Oh well…next time, eh?

La Voiture Noire is based on the Bugatti Chiron, but it’s been entirely re-sculpted for the anonymous owner. Yes, it’s more beautiful than dawn in the Alps, but it only does 12.6 to the gallon. Pfft.

2. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster


If you missed out on the Bugatti, perhaps Sir would settle for the new Lambo convertible?

Although it’s less exclusive (they’re making 800), there’s a lot to recommend it. Sixty comes up in less than three seconds and you can keep going up to a frankly alarming 217mph. And once you’ve taken the carbon fibre roof off, you can listen to that blood-and-thunder 6.5 litre engine in all its glory. Later, you can listen to your tinnitus.

A snip at just over £323,000.

3. Lamborghini Huracan EVO and EVO Spyder


Though cosmetically restyled, the Huracan EVO has retains pretty much everything else from the previous iteration. Which is good. In particular, the 5.2 litre V10 engine from the Performante is still there, so you can blast from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds (should you wish).  The convertible EVO Spyder is a tad slower at 3.1 seconds, but you’ll be too busy laughing at the noise to notice.

The EVO will be with us soon and will set you back £165K. Add another 16K if you want the Spyder.

4. Audi TT RS

It’s hard to believe that the Audi TT has now been with us for 21 years! 2019 sees another facelift for the range-topping RS version. Beneath the skin, however, it’s business as usual. And as with the Huracan, that’s great, because the TT is a little giant-slayer. Audi has squeezed just shy of 400bhp from the 2.5 litre  five cylinder engine. When you put that together with a dual-clutch auto and four-wheel drive, that sees 100kph absolutely demolished in 3.7 seconds.

The 2019 TT RS will be here next month, priced around £60,000.

5. VW ID Buggy (concept)


It’s the return of the VW Dune Buggy!

“Yay!” say people over a certain age.

“Yay…what’s a dune buggy?” say young whippersnappers.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the dune buggy was one of those iconic vehicles, a compact go-anywhere car that perfectly summed up a casual surfin’ lifestyle. At Geneva, VW revealed its re-imagined buggy, powered by an 150kW electric motor. Granted, it’s only a concept, but it shows the versatility of VWs new electric car platform.

So, 200bhp, instant torque and rear wheel drive? In a car no bigger than a sandal? Cool.

6. Cupra Formentor (concept)

What’s a Cupra? Ah, perhaps you’d forgotten that SEAT’s performance brand Cupra is now a marque in its own right. And its first proper offering is this rather snazzy performance SUV. According to interviews conducted by CAR magazine, the Formentor will be available both in ICE and PHEV versions when it arrives in 2020.

As a concept we think it looks pretty smart, and a great first outing for the sort-of new company.

VW Group’s ‘normal’ cars

So far, we’ve seen that in Geneva, VW Group unveiled three outrageously expensive hypercars, one very expensive sports cars and two concept vehicles.  Which begs the question, was there anything there for the rest of us? By which we mean something affordable, that could be bought soon. The answer is yes — and we’ll be looking at those cars in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

With thanks to the youtube channels of Schmee150 and MrJWW.

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