Stupendous windscreen notes that were left for selfish parkers

There’s nothing like selfish parking to bring out the devil in us. Boxing us in. Taking up two parking spaces. Parking in our spot. That nameless, faceless jerk has inconvenienced us, and we want to make him (or her) pay for it.

Enter the windscreen note, the perfect passive-aggressive response.

Now admittedly, 99% of windscreen notes are simply lists of insults, probably scatological. But a few members of society have elevated the windscreen note to an art form. Here are a few of our favourites, illustrating the many different approaches to parking pests.

The polite, kindly superhero

windscreen note spiderman

In this example, Spider-Man (if that’s who it really was) offers the gentlest rebuke possible. He seems reluctant even to assign blame to the other driver: “your vehicle seems to have found itself…”  What a gent.

Cultural reference

The Taken windscreen note

We’ll never know if the driver actually understood this great pop-culture reference, but hey, the note-leaver had some fun creating it.

The shame game

BMW diver shamed

This note uses two different methods of shaming the BMW driver. It firstly invokes the responsibility that comes with economic privilege. Then it implies a lack of compassion for the elderly and disabled. Good job.

Poor BMW drivers!

BMW windscreen note

Poor BMW drivers – what assumptions people make about them! For a second time, a BMW driver is hauled over the coals for his economic privilege, this time with a dose of psychoanalysis/character assassination thrown in.

Some preparation required

rude windscreen note

In the world of windscreen notes, investing that extra effort pays off. This note is both cutting and professional-looking.

Total commitment

potat windscreen message

If the previous approach involved some effort, one has to marvel at the commitment shown in this effort. Did she spend all morning making that tableau? Or had the potato clan been stored for just such an occasion?


Role reversal

windscreen note from jack

Here it’s the driver receiving the note that’s the victim. We promise to really, really disapprove of this note, just as soon as we stop chuckling. It’s like a naughty puppy has learned to write.


And lastly, the direct approach

advice windscreen note

Is this advice, a command or some sort of ultimatum? We don’t know, but sometimes the direct approach is the best.

We don’t endorse window notes, but…

Welsh VW Specialists does not, of course, endorse or encourage the practice of leaving acerbic windscreen notes for selfish parkers. What we do endorse and encourage is getting your VW group or other vehicle to our independent garage, for repairs, servicing or MOTs. Please get in touch for more information or to book yourself in.

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