Reindeer Antlers on Your Car? You’re Not Trying Hard Enough.

The winter nights are endless. The weather is miserable. The news is wall-to-wall Brexit. But take heart, Christmas is on the way. And that means drivers up and down the land will be adorning their car with humorous bits of Christmas tat.

If you will be joining this jolly band, we salute you. Below are seven different attempts at Christmas-themed cars. Our question is: can you do better?

1. As our title says…

First up, a lesson in how not to approach Christmas car decoration. This combination can’t have taken more than five minutes to fit, and the antlers aren’t even real (see below). So, even though it’s a Lamborghini, with decorations enhanced by Photoshop, this half-hearted effort fails to impress. Hopeless.

2. Making full use of dead forest creatures

See, Mr. Lamborghini owner? This is how to do it. If you must stick antlers on your vehicle, then at least use Reindeer Approved Parts. The truck’s owner has decided to keep these on on all year round, inspiring fear in the local cycling community.

3. Making full use of paper

This is a very commendable effort at showing real Christmas spirit. A passing cat seems to approve. However, the owner lacks 100% commitment as he has failed to wrap the wheels or any of the glass.

4. The budget approach

This shows that you don’t need a big budget, or any imagination, or even a working vehicle, in order to spread Christmas cheer. Though admittedly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be spread very far.

5. A subtle approach

Now this is more like it! This owner has really embraced the spirit of Christmas. Or at least we think it’s Christmas, but it could equally be National Meringue and Seaweed Day. At any rate, he’s created a thing of great beauty and dangerousness.

6. Traditional and modern elements combined

The plastic Santa faces and pine foliage are excellent, but what really makes this effort stand out is the red bonnet cover. What aspect of Christmas could it possibly represent? Like modern art, it raises questions and encourages debate. A strong showing.

7. Like being trapped in a kaleidoscope

This car represents what Christmas car decoration should be about: drawing attention to yourself and inducing epilepsy. It’s also been liked on Facebook by over a billion moths.

Whether you decorate your car or not, Welsh VW Specialists would like to wish all of our customers and readers a Very Happy Christmas. We’ll see you in the New Year!

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