6 Things That Welsh VW Specialists Are Looking Forward To in 2021

At long last, the truly grim year of 2020 is drawing to a close. We’re under no illusions that things will magically get better on the 1st January, but at least 2021 offers some prospects for improvement. So here’s our quick tour of what, as motorists, we’re looking forward to over the next twelve months… read more

The Drivers’ Christmas Presents That We Wish Someone Would Invent

A few weeks back, we wrote a round-up of all the new tech that drivers could be getting soon. And though some of it was great, none of it is what we really want. In our last blog post of the year,  we’re posting our very hopeful Christmas wish-list. You know, just in case there… read more

Six Recent Driving News Stories You May Have Missed

Have you seen the driving news recently? If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been neglecting that all-important road-related stuff. Maybe it’s been all the other news on lockdowns and vaccines and US elections — or our part-time work as international men of mystery — but we just haven’t had time to keep up. Until… read more

Fantastic New Tech for Our Cars: Do We Actually Want It? Part Two

Last time, we looked at three pieces of new technology that could be in our cars soon — and asked the frankly unthinkable question of whether we actually wanted it. So far the tally is one definite yes and two maybes. This time, we have three more promising new techs to look at. Once again,… read more

Fantastic New Tech for Our Cars: Do We Actually Want It?

There’s no doubt that there are some amazing new technologies in the pipeline for our cars. In this two-part post, we’ll be looking at a few examples and asking: do we actually want them? OK, we can hear you: Whaddya mean, do we want them? They’re new technologies, dude. Of course we want them! Calm… read more

Volkswagen gambled big on the ID.3 — but will it pay off? Part Two

Last time, we looked at why the Volkswagen ID.3 is such a big deal for the company. In brief, the new hatchback is a test case for their bold plans to electrify their range. So after all the research, investment, promises and delays, does the ID.3 measure up? When it comes to design challenges, nothing… read more

Volkswagen gambled big on the ID.3 — but will it pay off?

The ID.3 is an important car for the Volkswagen Group. Actually, it’s really important. But why is one hatchback so vital for the automotive giant’s prospects? In the last weeks of August 2020, the first Volkswagen ID.3 s started pouring across mainland Europe. By early September, they had reached the UK. It’s been a long,… read more


Driving sainthood: seven ways to become a more considerate driver

Of course, you’re already the World’s Most Considerate Driver. You may not have a trophy to prove it, but it’s definitely the case. And OK, you might have the occasional slip, but that’s nothing compared to those other selfish drivers out there. So obviously, this article is for other people, to help them on the… read more

Is it time to lower VAT on fuel?

VAT on petrol and diesel currently stands at 20%. With the UK economy reeling, is it time to reduce that? We look at the arguments for and against. There’s no doubt that taxes on fuel add massively to the cost of motoring. For every litre of petrol or diesel we buy, we pay just under… read more

Bring back these car accessories

Compared to the 1980s motorist, you might think you have all the advantages. Chances are that you have a smarter, faster, safer, more reliable car than you could have dreamed of four decades ago. And all that is true, but the 80s driver had something you don’t. Bucketloads of naff car accessories. As a 2020… read more