The street fight over Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Grab your placards and fire up your Twitter account, there’s a new controversy brewing on the UK’s streets. To tackle road traffic, some London boroughs are limiting access to motor vehicles, and other cities plan to follow suit. Needless to say, these plans have their supporters and detractors. The battle lines have already been drawn,… read more

The Volkswagen ID4 is here. What’s the verdict? Part Two

  In Part One of this post, we looked at why the Volkswagen ID4 is the company’s next big gamble, and whether it met basic price and practicality requirements for UK drivers. Now let’s turn to the other ingredients for SUV success — has VW cooked up a Sunday lunch or a dog’s dinner? If… read more

The Volkswagen ID4 is here. What’s the verdict?

Volkswagen’s ID4 is another crucial car for the company. As motoring journalists start to post their reviews, we ask whether the electric SUV stacks up for a mass market. Volkswagen’s Big Gamble — Again When it comes to electric cars, no one can accuse Volkswagen of being over-cautious. As other manufacturers dither with massively expensive,… read more

Calling all traffic and driving nerds — here are the random UK stats you need!

Who doesn’t love random statistics about driving and traffic in the UK? Just about everyone, obviously! And don’t forget, driving statistics are also incredibly useful. A few well-placed driving stats can help you: win that all-important argument with a complete stranger on social media send your kids into a frenzy of eye rolling shut down… read more

Smart motorways — not that smart? Part Two.

In Part One of this post, we discussed the idea behind smart motorways and why they raise serious safety concerns. This time, we’ll look at the fate of the Government’s “safety plan”, and some responses to the criticisms of smart motorways. In November 2020, most of us weren’t thinking much about smart motorways. To put… read more

Smart motorways — not that smart?

Smart motorways have the potential to solve a lot of problems — for motorists, the Treasury and the environment. Yet, for their many critics, they’re simply not safe. In this two-part post, we’ll look at both sides of the smart motorway issue. Frankly, the UK motorway system is a mess. When its designers pored over… read more

6 Things That Welsh VW Specialists Are Looking Forward To in 2021

At long last, the truly grim year of 2020 is drawing to a close. We’re under no illusions that things will magically get better on the 1st January, but at least 2021 offers some prospects for improvement. So here’s our quick tour of what, as motorists, we’re looking forward to over the next twelve months… read more

The Drivers’ Christmas Presents That We Wish Someone Would Invent

A few weeks back, we wrote a round-up of all the new tech that drivers could be getting soon. And though some of it was great, none of it is what we really want. In our last blog post of the year,  we’re posting our very hopeful Christmas wish-list. You know, just in case there… read more

Six Recent Driving News Stories You May Have Missed

Have you seen the driving news recently? If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been neglecting that all-important road-related stuff. Maybe it’s been all the other news on lockdowns and vaccines and US elections — or our part-time work as international men of mystery — but we just haven’t had time to keep up. Until… read more