Bring back these car accessories

Compared to the 1980s motorist, you might think you have all the advantages. Chances are that you have a smarter, faster, safer, more reliable car than you could have dreamed of four decades ago. And all that is true, but the 80s driver had something you don’t. Bucketloads of naff car accessories. As a 2020… read more

Car sickness is miserable. Here are 11 ways to help your carsick passenger.

If you never suffer from car sickness, raise your eyes upwards and thank your lucky stars. Because for anyone prone to the condition, it can be a wretched experience.  With symptoms including nausea (obviously), vomiting, bloatedness, headaches, dizziness, cold sweats and more, car sickness can turn every journey into a why-was-I-born ordeal. Virtually everyone will… read more

MOT Coming Up? Book Your Test Early to Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

As MOT exemption comes to an end, UK garages are expecting a surge in demand. We advise booking sooner rather than later. Back in March, the Department for Transport announced a six-month exemption from MOT testing. The idea was to make it easier for key workers to get to their jobs during lockdown. Getting an… read more

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Three Cheers for Bonkers Car Modifications!

Who doesn’t love bonkers car modifications? We certainly do. They’re original, often tongue-in-cheek and give a much-needed rude gesture to the style police. With that in mind, we’ve collected together some vehicles to show what’s achievable with too much spare time. From the relatively subtle to the weird, thanks to the owners for making us… read more

Strange Times for Motorists: A Lockdown Stories Round-Up

For motorists, as for everyone else, these are strange times. Now that lockdowns are easing, here’s our selection of recent motoring news stories that grabbed our attention. Covid-19 hits taxi drivers First and foremost, let’s not forget the reason behind the lockdown. Covid-19 has of course extracted a terrible human cost. One particular section of… read more

Covid 19 and the Car Industry, Part Two

In Part One of this article, we looked at how the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted on the car industry. In our concluding part, we look at how the industry must adapt to survive. If you don’t have five minutes to read Part One, here’s the more-than-slightly depressing summary: Covid-19 has hammered the global car industry…. read more

Covid-19 and the Car Industry: How Long Until Recovery?

Covid-19 has hit the car industry hard. In this two-part post, we look at the extent of the damage and the prospects for recovery. The first post-lockdown figures are in from the car industry. To put it mildly, they are grim: UK car sales fell by 97% in April Across Europe, the fall is around… read more

Four VW Group Favourites From Yesteryear

Fancy a quick blast down memory lane? Join us as we travel back to a time of cassette players, questionable haircuts and just four TV channels. Here we review four of our favourite VW Group cars from the 1980s. 1. Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 1 There’s only one place to start: with the most iconic… read more

Helping Your Car Cope With Lockdown

For most of us, it’s going to be a while before the car gets much use. How do we keep it healthy in the meantime? You know how it feels after you’ve been inactive for a while — on a long-haul flight for example, or stuck in bed after an illness. Everything feels a bit… read more

Coronavirus: Minimising the Risk from Your Car.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, and governments respond with lockdowns, millions of people worldwide will still need to use their cars. For collecting essential supplies or carrying key staff to and from work, the car is often the only viable option. So it’s important to think about how we can keep safe when using our… read more