The rise of the speedgun pensioner

The place: a 30mph road leading through a picturesque village. The time: any time before bedtime (8:30pm). You: in your car, mind elsewhere, your speed climbing to 33, 35, 37 mph. The situation: suddenly, a glimpse of hi-vis jacket intrudes upon your daydream, and you’re staring down the barrel of the Speedgun of Doom. It’s… read more

Who’s Afraid of the Country Road?

So, you’re driving to an unfamiliar destination in the country, cruising at 60 mph along a nice fast A-road. Suddenly, the satnav throws you a curved ball, directing you along an unnamed road that quickly shrinks to a single track. With blind bends. Now even 25mph is pushing it. You’re probably frustrated that the electronic… read more

Cheap and Cheerful: Five of the Best Used Cars in 2022

In the last few months, second-hand car values have been rocketing up. As manufacturers struggle with continued supply problems, droves of buyers have given up on getting a new car and decided to go the second-hand route. In 2021, used-car transactions rose by over 11%, and there’s no sign the trend is slowing. That’s great… read more

The War in Ukraine is Battering an Already-Shaky Car Industry – Part Two

Let’s start with the same caveat we began with in Part One. We’re not trivialising the horrible human tragedy that continues to unfold in Ukraine. Obviously, there are far more important aspects to this conflict than how it affects the car industry. But dealing with that bigger picture isn’t what we’re here for — as… read more

The War in Ukraine is Battering an Already Shaky Car Industry

  In writing this two-part article, we’re not trivialising the unspeakable human tragedy that continues to unfold in the Ukraine. Obviously, there are far more important things than used car prices or the availability of Skoda Enyaqs. It’s just that we’re not equipped to deal with that bigger and more important picture. Writing about cars… read more

Norman, Laura, Harriet, Alan, Sheila — What Type of Driver Are You?

Back in 2016, The Telegraph published a great piece on driver personality types. It’s pretty comprehensive, making use of a survey and a quiz designed by A Proper Scientist. Writer Tim Gibson did a fine job pulling all this together, pointing out that this wasn’t just fun and fluffy. By knowing what driver type you… read more

How Much!? Just how high will UK fuel prices go?

In 2001, when petrol prices hit a staggering 77.9p per litre, we were horrified, wondering how high could prices go. In 2008, they rocketed to 119p per litre. Again, we were horrified and wondered how high they could go. In October 2018, when petrol hit 131p per litre… well, you get the picture. Right now,… read more

What’s New at the VW Group?

It’s been a while since we did a round-up of what’s been happening with our favourite motoring manufacturer. Here’s a quick look round some stories you might have missed. 1. Who’s bigger than VW Group in Europe? Stellantis, that’s who. The VW Group has been hit hard by the global shortage of semiconductors and as… read more

Autonomous Cars — Four Big Pros, Four Big Cons, Part Two.

Last time, we discussed the upside for the anticipated self-driving revolution. When autonomous cars arrive, they promise better safety, reduced urban traffic and parked cars, improved mobility for the elderly and disabled, and possibly massive environmental benefits. However, there are also some considerable downsides, and this time we’re looking at four. 1. What about the… read more

Autonomous Cars — Four Big Pros, Four Big Cons.

Technology is the unstoppable locomotive, thundering down the tracks to destinations unknown. When it comes to driving, the last twenty years have seen the rise of infotainment systems, viable electric cars, built-in GPS systems that actually work, and much more. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming next. In a few weeks, if new driving… read more