The cars on our Christmas wish list

We feel it’s only fair we get a special reward at Christmas. After all, we work hard all year round. It’s not easy providing the best all-round service for car owners in Cardiff and South Wales.

With that in mind, we humbly present our Christmas wish-list, which consists of five interesting cars (actually, it’s three cars, a contraption and a tank). If you feel like treating your favourite VW Group specialists, there’s still time.

Here we go:

1. Uri Geller’s Cadillac

the geller effect
Photo courtesy

Top of the list has to be the 1976 Cadillac owned by everyone’s favourite Unusual Person, Uri Geller. As you may notice, it’s covered in spoons and other cutlery. It must be a nightmare to clean.

According to Uri’s website, the car is:

… encrusted with approximately 2,000 pieces of contorted cutlery painstakingly riveted to the car’s body. Some of his treasured pieces were owned, used or touched by famous personalities.

The famous people that have touched the cutlery include Lennox Lewis, Ray Charles and Petula Clark!

Uri calls the car The Geller Effect and refers to it as “a symbol of peace”. To be fair, that’s a very different take on peace symbols from a dove, olive branch or the CND logo.

2. A Russian 2S3 Akatsiya tank

This little beauty is still in service in 15 countries, including Russia. Powered by a V12, 520bhp diesel engine, the 2S3 is capable of 39mph on the road, or 28mph if you’re taking a short-cut through someone’s house.

Although fuel economy isn’t class-leading, this is more than offset by the 152.4mm gun, which can destroy any other vehicle in your way.

We found one on the wonderfully named for £30,000. Bargain.

3. A car with an LED sign on the top

This is a spectacularly good idea for communicating your thoughts to other drivers, ending long periods of boredom and loneliness. Examples might include, “Did you watch that David Attenborough programme last night?”, “I admire your lane discipline”, or “I hope I’m not distracting you.” Please buy us one.

4. A car powered by an alsatian

dog-powered car

Dogs love going for walks, and dogs love going out in the car, so why not have a dog-powered car? That may have been the logic behind this contraption, built in the 1930s by Mr. Z Wiggs of Texas.  Now obviously, as a mode of transport, there are a number of problems:

  • it’s not going to work in any realistic environment
  • even if it did work, you would go so slowly that you might as well walk
  • the RSPCA might have something to say.

Nevertheless, we’ve added it to our list because we’d like to own one of the most rubbish inventions of all time.

2. The Thrust SSC

The Thrust SSC combines speed, comfort and practicality — but mostly speed.

At the top speed of 763mph, you could get from Bristol to Cardiff in about 3 minutes 26 seconds. That’s assuming you don’t slow down too much for the toll on the Severn Bridge.

Again, we’d very much like one of these, please. It would look lovely on the drive, next to the tank.

But even if we don’t get our Christmas wish list…

We’ll still be offering great customer service in 2018, providing MOTs, servicing and repairs for VW Group cars (and all other marques).

With sincere thanks to all of our customers for their patronage in 2017. Have a great Christmas and New Year, from the team at Welsh VW Specialists.