Not an Eco-Warrior? You can still cut your driving emissions.

So, how do you respond when someone tells you it’s about time you reduced your car’s carbon footprint? Roll your eyes, stick your ear buds in and wait for them to go away? Go off on a rant about Chinese power stations? Tell them you’ll start when they stop buying a new iPhone every year?… read more

Our Pick of The UK’s Best Autumn Staycation Drives

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen the rise and rise of the staycation — or what used to be called holidaying in your own country. In fact, one of the very few upsides of the pandemic has been thousands of Brits falling back in love with the UK. Yes, the weather’s always dodgy and… read more

“Wait, how do I do this again?” How deskilled driving became a thing.

Lockdowns and work from home have seen millions of people worldwide taking an enforced break from driving. Now, as restrictions ease and return to work kicks in, they’re faced with piloting their pride and joy through traffic that’s returned to pre-Covid levels. It’s like a gigantic, real-life memory experiment. For many people, the break from… read more

Criminals want your catalytic converter. Here’s how to stop them.

There’s always someone out there who is ready and willing to swipe your hard-earned stuff — even if it’s bolted to the underside of your car. In case you hadn’t heard, the latest craze for criminals across the UK is the theft of catalytic converters. By March 2021, thefts were up by 57% compared to… read more

Seven More Epically Rubbish Car Names

Picture the scene: a boardroom full of executive-types at Isuzu headquarters in Tokyo. They are discussing the branding on their new SUV — what should they call it? What name would sum up its entirely sensible combination of midrange features? In a flash of inspiration, someone cries out: “What about… the Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard?”… read more

Car Mechanics’ Jargon for the Technically Challenged, Part Two

Bamboozled and befuddled by garage jargon? Tired of pretending you understand what your mechanic is going on about? Then you really need our garage jargon-buster. You should definitely check out Part One of this article first, then continue with the terms below. DPF We actually wrote an article on the DPF back in 2018 —… read more

Car Mechanics’ Jargon for the Technically Challenged, Part One

Don’t you just love jargon? From tech support to pension advisors, doctors to builders, every type of expert assumes you’re fluent in their own special language. For many of us, jargon-filled explanations mean that we’re completely lost within the first few sentences. From then on, it’s a matter of nodding and looking intelligent until the… read more

The Street Fight Over Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Part Two

  In Part One of this post, we looked at the controversy over Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), an initiative meant to tackle the increasing amount of traffic on the UK’s residential streets. Essentially, the schemes allow vehicle access for residents, but prevent any through traffic. For supporters, LTNs bring back cleaner air, and some much-needed… read more