What We Learn From Parking Fails: Our 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Perfect Parking

There are now approximately 9 billion ‘Parking Fail’ compilations on the internet. And whilst they’re great fun to watch, we think that these videos also have tremendous educational value. By watching other drivers’ mistakes, we can all learn to improve our own parking. With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected fails that show you, our… read more

It’s 2019! What’s Up Next for Volkswagen Group?

So, it’s official – 2018 is no more. We don’t know about you, but our December passed in a flurry of car MOTs, servicing and repairs, followed by around 400,000 excess calories over Christmas. We thought we’d kick off the new year by considering what we can expect soon from our favourite car manufacturing giant…. read more

Reindeer Antlers on Your Car? You’re Not Trying Hard Enough.

The winter nights are endless. The weather is miserable. The news is wall-to-wall Brexit. But take heart, Christmas is on the way. And that means drivers up and down the land will be adorning their car with humorous bits of Christmas tat. If you will be joining this jolly band, we salute you. Below are… read more

Think you’re a pretty good driver? You’re not alone…

How do you rate your own driving ability? It’s a simple enough question, and yet the typical answer tells us lots about human psychology – and safe driving. Psychologists have been popping the driving ability question for many years now and the results continue to amaze. As it turns out, most people consider themselves above-average… read more

November Czech-Up: A Skoda News Round-Up

With strong sales and a slew of awards, Skoda continues to wow both the public and motoring critics. Our November round-up looks at what’s been happening at the Czech company over the last few months. Skoda’s record sales… Despite the storms faced by European car manufacturers, Skoda has had a stunning 2018 so far. Let’s… read more

The Challenge of Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 is about to hit Europe. And that could be a big deal for European car manufacturers. Here’s today’s starter for ten: in which country are electric cars (EVs) currently outselling the equivalent petrol and diesel models? Is it eco-friendly Norway? The bicycle-embracing Netherlands? Nope — it’s the good old gas guzzlin’… read more

Great European Driving Trips, Part Two

In our previous blog post, we looked at four very different European driving trips. This time, we’re continuing the theme with three more driving roads on the continent for diverse tastes. What sort of road trip floats your boat? I just want a stupendous driving road Now if it’s driving adventure you want… The Transfagarasan… read more

Great European Driving Trips

A little while ago, we were singing the praises of great Welsh roads. This month, we’re returning to the road trip theme, but peering across at what Continental Europe has to offer road-trip enthusiasts. Of course, people interpret ‘road trip’ in different ways. For some, it means spirited driving on challenging roads. For others, it… read more

Cheesy Car Sales Tactics That Won’t Die

In case you hadn’t noticed, cars salespeople are changing. For years, they were the butt of the joke – viewed as pushy, aggressive types who had a casual relationship with the truth. And whilst that was always a stereotype, there did seem plenty of real-life Arthur Daleys. But over the last twenty years or so,… read more