Ten Tips to Help Drivers and Cyclists Live Together, Part Two.

Oh, drivers and cyclists… can’t we all just get along? Can’t we share the roads in a spirit of peace and harmony? Actually, the two groups mostly get along fine. Considering the colossal amounts of miles clocked up on UK roads every day, the number of incidents involving motorists and cyclists is remarkably low. Having… read more

Ten Tips to Help Drivers and Cyclists Live Together, Part One.

Drivers and cyclists — two very different tribes sharing a long, narrow territory.  In this two-part post, we’ll post our tips for how they can get along. Let’s be clear about one thing: most of the time, motorists and cyclists get along just fine. The overwhelming majority of drivers are careful and respectful around cyclists,… read more

What’s that rattling noise in your car? A quick guide.

Your car is able to make a number of insanely annoying and unnerving noises. These include squeaks, squeals, knocks, thunks, grinding sounds, buzzing, sighing, clanking — and our personal favourite, the rattle. When a rattle strikes, this quick guide is designed to point you in the right direction. Two key questions — where and when?… read more

Long Distance from South Wales — Does the Car Beat Everything Else? Part One

We’re travelling four hundred miles from our garage in South Wales. Should we go by car? As you might expect at Welsh VW Specialists, we’re die-hard motorists. So our first instinct for taking a long distance journey is to zoom off in the car. But recently, we’ve been wondering. With congested roads and fuel costing… read more

The M4 Relief Road…It’s Decision Time

It’s decision time for the M4 Relief Road proposal. We take a look at both sides of a heated debate.   After years of waiting, acres of press coverage, hugely expensive reports and plenty of old-fashioned mud-slinging, we’re finally going to get a decision on the infamous M4 relief road proposal. First Minister Mark Drakeford… read more

Solve your passenger irritations with our Code of Passenger Conduct

Drivers: Do you get irritated with your passengers? Do their funny little quirks make you grind your teeth in frustration? Do you sometimes want to jump out of your speeding vehicle? If so, we’ve got great news — we’ve written a simple code of conduct for your passengers! By laying down simple ground rules, you… read more

Not So Fast: The EU’s Speed Limiter Proposals for 2022, Part Two

From 2022, the EU proposes to make Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems compulsory for all new vehicles. The system would automatically detect the maximum speed for the road being driven on and limit the vehicle accordingly. In Part One of this post, we looked at why many are so enthusiastic about the new technology. But… read more

Not So Fast: The EU’s Speed Limiter Proposals for 2022, Part One

It now seems likely that, from 2022, all new cars in the EU and UK will be fitted with intelligent speed limiters. We look at the issues surrounding this controversial proposal. If you blinked, you might well have missed this one. On Monday 25th March, the European Commission, Parliament and member states agreed proposed regulations… read more

VW Group at Geneva 2019, Part Two

A big part of any car show is checking out the fastest, blingiest or coolest vehicles on offer. So, in the first part of  our 2019 Geneva Motor Show, we naturally wanted to tell you about the concepts, hypercars and super-fast coupes that VW had on offer. But thankfully, Wolfsburg also sent some vehicles for… read more