Reducing Insurance Costs for Young Drivers

Car insurance is a significant expense for young drivers. We look at how you can keep the costs down. In our most recent post, we pointed out how much things had improved for young drivers — because today, they have a range of fantastic little cars available in which to gain driving experience. But it’s not… read more

What’s the Best VW Group Car for a New Driver?

All hail new and learner drivers! Over the next few posts, we’ll be focusing on car-owning newbies, with a look at the choices and challenges they face in 2020. And just to keep the geezers happy, we’ll take a walk down memory lane and go misty-eyed over the beloved first cars of yesteryear. First cars… read more

Small cars we’re looking forward to in 2020

This post was originally going to be, ‘Cars We’re Looking Forward To In 2020’. But when we saw just how many amazing cars are on the way next year (Lotus Evija, anyone? Tesla Roadster?), we realised we needed to focus on one market. In our blog, we usually stick to VW Group cars. But this… read more