The Geneva Motor Show: VW Group Round-Up

As the dust settles on perhaps the highest-profile event on the motoring calendar — the Geneva Motor Show — we round up a few of the VW Group highlights. Bugatti and Lamborghini The Geneva Motor Show isn’t all about absurd amounts of horsepower, but it’s certainly plays a major part. The VW Group didn’t disappoint… read more

The fuel-saving tips you can’t ignore

Our last blog post covered the fuel-saving tips that, in the real world, don’t actually amount to very much. This time, we’ll look at two simple ways of making real savings. Fuel-saving. There’s good news and bad news Last time, we established that if you remove all the excess weight from your car and never… read more

Three fuel-saving tips that you can safely ignore

Now that filling your tank feels like you’re stuffing it full of ten-pound notes, we all want the best fuel economy we can get. There’s no shortage of advice on how to achieve this — whether it’s from websites or Dave down the pub — but unfortunately, it tends to be a mixture of solid… read more