Can We Finally Trust Manufacturers’ MPG Figures?

So many inflated mpg figures, so many disappointed motorists. How did manufacturers’ fuel economy claims go so wrong — and can we trust the official figures now? Way back in 2006, a friend of ours bought a shiny new Suzuki Alto. Frankly, it was a pretty terrible car: slow, poorly equipped, flimsy and dull to… read more

Speed Limits and Converted Vehicles — Don’t Get Caught Out!

On the face of it, UK laws on speeding are pretty simple. For each public road, there are designated speed limits. These are different according to what type of vehicle you’re driving. However, there are at least two areas where things aren’t so obvious. Get these wrong and you could get a speeding ticket —… read more

Five Remarkably Easy Ways To Reduce Wear On Your Car

Your car suffers a lot without complaining. It doesn’t whinge when you don’t clean it for months. It stays quiet when you chuck your Twix wrapper in the footwell. It doesn’t even protest when you sing along to S Club 7. In return, the least you can do is show your car a bit of… read more

Our Favourite Car Owners’ Reviews

Years ago, the only car reviews you could read came from motoring journalists. Clarkson and Co aside, what you got was a reasonable and restrained summary of a model’s strengths and weaknesses. Ah, but that was before the internet. Today, anyone with a keyboard can review a car. And they do — with extravagant praise,… read more

VW Group at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Part Two

Two cars hogged the limelight at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Both were electric cars made by the VW Group. In this post, we look at why that’s a big deal. As always, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show played host to mildly tweaked versions of old favourites, outrageously expensive hypercars and wacky concept vehicles. Yet… read more

VW Group at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Part One

The bi-annual Frankfurt Motor Show (or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, if you prefer) is one of the biggest events in the motoring calendar and, not surprisingly, a showcase for German manufacturers. So much so, in fact, that the VW Group organises its own preview night before the doors are officially thrown open. This year’s show seemed like… read more

Respect the Czechs — Our Skoda News Round-Up

OK, when it comes to Skoda, we admit we’re biased. After all, we specialise in providing MOTs, servicing and repairs for the marque (and all the other VW Group brands). But honestly, they’re such great cars. Owners love ’em, because they’re well-designed, sturdy, reliable and affordable. Pick the right model and you can zoom along… read more

Ten Tips to Help Drivers and Cyclists Live Together, Part Two.

Oh, drivers and cyclists… can’t we all just get along? Can’t we share the roads in a spirit of peace and harmony? Actually, the two groups mostly get along fine. Considering the colossal amounts of miles clocked up on UK roads every day, the number of incidents involving motorists and cyclists is remarkably low. Having… read more

Ten Tips to Help Drivers and Cyclists Live Together, Part One.

Drivers and cyclists — two very different tribes sharing a long, narrow territory.  In this two-part post, we’ll post our tips for how they can get along. Let’s be clear about one thing: most of the time, motorists and cyclists get along just fine. The overwhelming majority of drivers are careful and respectful around cyclists,… read more

What’s that rattling noise in your car? A quick guide.

Your car is able to make a number of insanely annoying and unnerving noises. These include squeaks, squeals, knocks, thunks, grinding sounds, buzzing, sighing, clanking — and our personal favourite, the rattle. When a rattle strikes, this quick guide is designed to point you in the right direction. Two key questions — where and when?… read more