Not So Fast: The EU’s Speed Limiter Proposals for 2022, Part One

It now seems likely that, from 2022, all new cars in the EU and UK will be fitted with intelligent speed limiters. We look at the issues surrounding this controversial proposal. If you blinked, you might well have missed this one. On Monday 25th March, the European Commission, Parliament and member states agreed proposed regulations… read more

VW Group at Geneva 2019, Part Two

A big part of any car show is checking out the fastest, blingiest or coolest vehicles on offer. So, in the first part of  our 2019 Geneva Motor Show, we naturally wanted to tell you about the concepts, hypercars and super-fast coupes that VW had on offer. But thankfully, Wolfsburg also sent some vehicles for… read more

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show: VW Group Round-Up

The annual Swiss drool-fest is upon us once more. And no, we don’t mean the World Fondue Competition, but the even tastier Geneva International Motor Show, the event that sees car fans salivating like a rabid mastiff. For 11 days in March, the swish Swiss city is home to crazily expensive hypercars, wacky concepts and… read more

Driven to Destruction: How Safe are the World’s (and the UK’s) Roads?

Being complete geeks about all things related to driving, we just happened to be looking at the UK’s road safety record. Pretty soon, we were down a rabbit hole of international and global statistics. Here’s what we found out.   1. The global road safety picture is grim… It’s not good news. Globally, there are… read more

Five gobsmackingly fast cars made by the Volkswagen Group

We all know that VW Group make some great everyday cars. There are award-winning SUVs like the SEAT Arona, evergreen saloons like the Skoda Octavia and top-rated city cars like the Volkswagen Up! So it’s easy to forget that the VW Group also makes some of the fastest production cars on the planet. We’re talking about cars that… read more

Ding Dong, The Tolls are Gone — But What’s That Going to Mean?

On December 18th 2018, a collective shout of joy went up from regular users of the Severn bridges. The tolls were finally gone. In this post, we’ll take a look at what some of the consequences could be for both sides of the estuary. A bit of history For centuries, crossing the Severn Estuary has… read more

What We Learn From Parking Fails: Our 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Perfect Parking

There are now approximately 9 billion ‘Parking Fail’ compilations on the internet. And whilst they’re great fun to watch, we think that these videos also have tremendous educational value. By watching other drivers’ mistakes, we can all learn to improve our own parking. With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected fails that show you, our… read more

It’s 2019! What’s Up Next for Volkswagen Group?

So, it’s official – 2018 is no more. We don’t know about you, but our December passed in a flurry of car MOTs, servicing and repairs, followed by around 400,000 excess calories over Christmas. We thought we’d kick off the new year by considering what we can expect soon from our favourite car manufacturing giant…. read more

Reindeer Antlers on Your Car? You’re Not Trying Hard Enough.

The winter nights are endless. The weather is miserable. The news is wall-to-wall Brexit. But take heart, Christmas is on the way. And that means drivers up and down the land will be adorning their car with humorous bits of Christmas tat. If you will be joining this jolly band, we salute you. Below are… read more