Diesel: Dirty or Demonised? Part Two

In Part One of this post, we looked at the air quality problems associated with diesel cars. In this part, we’ll ask if modern diesels have addressed this, as well as the issue of climate change. Are modern diesels ‘dirty’? We spent most of Part One looking at the damage that diesel emissions cause to… read more

Diesel: Dirty or Demonised?

In this two-part post, we take a look at the environmental controversy over diesel cars and ask if buying one is right for our health and for the planet. Diesel vs petrol: it’s not all about you Not so long ago, fuel type and ethics never appeared in the same sentence. You bought a diesel… read more

The Geneva Motor Show: VW Group Round-Up

As the dust settles on perhaps the highest-profile event on the motoring calendar — the Geneva Motor Show — we round up a few of the VW Group highlights. Bugatti and Lamborghini The Geneva Motor Show isn’t all about absurd amounts of horsepower, but it’s certainly plays a major part. The VW Group didn’t disappoint… read more

The fuel-saving tips you can’t ignore

Our last blog post covered the fuel-saving tips that, in the real world, don’t actually amount to very much. This time, we’ll look at two simple ways of making real savings. Fuel-saving. There’s good news and bad news Last time, we established that if you remove all the excess weight from your car and never… read more

Three fuel-saving tips that you can safely ignore

Now that filling your tank feels like you’re stuffing it full of ten-pound notes, we all want the best fuel economy we can get. There’s no shortage of advice on how to achieve this — whether it’s from websites or Dave down the pub — but unfortunately, it tends to be a mixture of solid… read more

Our worst driving playlist

Producing a great driving playlist isn’t difficult. At the last count, there were roughly 3,659 compilation CDs entitled Your 100 Best Driving Tunes (or some variation on that). A selection will be available in your local supermarket. What would be harder, we thought, would be to produce a list of absolutely terrible driving songs. And… read more

True or false: you’re driving illegally. Five quick questions on UK motoring law.

Plenty of driving practices are very obviously illegal. Averaging 100mph in a 30 zone, for example. Wearing a blindfold at the wheel. Firing a crossbow at other vehicles. Or all three simultaneously. However, there are others that many drivers are less certain about. What about drinking a coffee when you’re driving, or making a hands-free… read more

SEAT’s award-winning year

Before 2017 completely vanishes in the rear-view mirror, we take a look at what’s been an amazing year for SEAT, in which the Barcelona-based company scooped a plethora of awards. As years go, it’s been a pretty epic one for SEAT. A couple of months ago, we reported on their strong sales figures in 2017…. read more

SEAT steering wheel

Looking back on the Bugatti Veyron, in 5 facts and an opinion.

It’s two years now since the last Veyron left Bugatti’s Molsheim factory in France. Since then, it’s been replaced by the Bugatti Chiron — a 1479 horsepower monster, with jaw-dropping looks and a £2.5 million price-tag. But no matter how good its successor, for many, the Veyron simply cannot be eclipsed. Many commentators and industry… read more


The cars on our Christmas wish list

We feel it’s only fair we get a special reward at Christmas. After all, we work hard all year round. It’s not easy providing the best all-round service for car owners in Cardiff and South Wales. With that in mind, we humbly present our Christmas wish-list, which consists of five interesting cars (actually, it’s three… read more

dog-powered car