The Challenge of Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 is about to hit Europe. And that could be a big deal for European car manufacturers. Here’s today’s starter for ten: in which country are electric cars (EVs) currently outselling the equivalent petrol and diesel models? Is it eco-friendly Norway? The bicycle-embracing Netherlands? Nope — it’s the good old gas guzzlin’… read more

Great European Driving Trips, Part Two

In our previous blog post, we looked at four very different European driving trips. This time, we’re continuing the theme with three more driving roads on the continent for diverse tastes. What sort of road trip floats your boat? I just want a stupendous driving road Now if it’s driving adventure you want… The Transfagarasan… read more

Great European Driving Trips

A little while ago, we were singing the praises of great Welsh roads. This month, we’re returning to the road trip theme, but peering across at what Continental Europe has to offer road-trip enthusiasts. Of course, people interpret ‘road trip’ in different ways. For some, it means spirited driving on challenging roads. For others, it… read more

Cheesy Car Sales Tactics That Won’t Die

In case you hadn’t noticed, cars salespeople are changing. For years, they were the butt of the joke – viewed as pushy, aggressive types who had a casual relationship with the truth. And whilst that was always a stereotype, there did seem plenty of real-life Arthur Daleys. But over the last twenty years or so,… read more

Will Trump kill VW?

President Trump has been threatening massive import duties on European cars. We look at the reasons, and whether this could be disastrous for the VW Group. There’s a risk writing anything about President Trump’s trade policy: by the time you publish it, it could well be out of date. That holds true about Trump and… read more

Funny-But-True or Urban Myth? Odd Driving Rules From Around the World.

A few weeks back, and not a million miles from our garage, a driver did something very strange in his Volkswagen Passat. He used it to transport a cow. Well, more accurately, it was a calf, but The Times didn’t let that stand in the way of a good headline. Understandably, the RSPCA weren’t happy,… read more

Six Tips for Smooth Summer Driving

In case you hadn’t noticed, Summer’s here. And in 2018, it’s really here. Millions of Brits, accustomed to grey, rain-soaked Julys, are blinking at the strange yellow orb in the sky. Hot, dry, sunny days? It’s all a bit unexpected. Whilst we make the most of the weather, it’s worth remembering that these conditions can… read more

Autonomous Driving Errors — Who’s Really to Blame?

Autonomous driver aids are quickly becoming a fact of life. When there’s an accident, how much responsibility falls on the driver? In March 2018, as Elaine Herzberg pushed her bike across a poorly-lit Arizona street, she was struck and killed by a car. The collision was one of  6,000 each year that result in a… read more

Learning to Love Your DPF, Part Two

In Part One of this post, we reminded ourselves of what a DPF did and looked at its shortcomings. In this part, we’ll look at why the DPF is necessary and how to live with one.   The DPF is not the Devil’s work DPF-related articles and YouTube clips are haunted by angry motorists. You… read more

Learning to love your DPF, Part One

Reviled by many drivers, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a fixture on modern diesel vehicles. Is it time we started learning to love them — or at least how to live with them? There’s no doubt about it: Diesel Particulate Filters have made life more complicated for many drivers. Compulsory on diesel vehicles since… read more