Our worst driving playlist

Producing a great driving playlist isn’t difficult. At the last count, there were roughly 3,659 compilation CDs entitled Your 100 Best Driving Tunes (or some variation on that). A selection will be available in your local supermarket. What would be harder, we thought, would be to produce a list of absolutely terrible driving songs. And… read more

True or false: you’re driving illegally. Five quick questions on UK motoring law.

Plenty of driving practices are very obviously illegal. Averaging 100mph in a 30 zone, for example. Wearing a blindfold at the wheel. Firing a crossbow at other vehicles. Or all three simultaneously. However, there are others that many drivers are less certain about. What about drinking a coffee when you’re driving, or making a hands-free… read more

SEAT’s award-winning year

Before 2017 completely vanishes in the rear-view mirror, we take a look at what’s been an amazing year for SEAT, in which the Barcelona-based company scooped a plethora of awards. As years go, it’s been a pretty epic one for SEAT. A couple of months ago, we reported on their strong sales figures in 2017…. read more

SEAT steering wheel

Looking back on the Bugatti Veyron, in 5 facts and an opinion.

It’s two years now since the last Veyron left Bugatti’s Molsheim factory in France. Since then, it’s been replaced by the Bugatti Chiron — a 1479 horsepower monster, with jaw-dropping looks and a £2.5 million price-tag. But no matter how good its successor, for many, the Veyron simply cannot be eclipsed. Many commentators and industry… read more


The cars on our Christmas wish list

We feel it’s only fair we get a special reward at Christmas. After all, we work hard all year round. It’s not easy providing the best all-round service for car owners in Cardiff and South Wales. With that in mind, we humbly present our Christmas wish-list, which consists of five interesting cars (actually, it’s three… read more

dog-powered car

Herbie revisited: how VW’s Beetle got the Disney treatment.

Here’s a possible round for Family Fortunes (or maybe they’ve already done it). We asked 100 people to name a famous car in a film or TV series. What would be the top answer? The Batmobile, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T., Steven King’s Christine? We reckon it could well be Herbie, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle… read more

The rise and rise of VW Group

Just recently, we’ve covered a lot of positive business news for VW Group. There was the Frankfurt Motor Show, where chairman Matthias Müller set out a stunningly confident vision for future investment in electric vehicles.  Then there was Skoda’s barnstorming performance, which is causing some sibling rivalry with VW. Now there’s yet more evidence that… read more

vw logo

Skoda’s success causes VW Group rethink

The Kodiaq is yet another success for Skoda. A few months back, we blogged about Skoda’s record-breaking year, with the company posting a 7.6% increase on 2015. In fact, according to a recent article in Reuters, “Skoda’s operating profit more than doubled over three years to 1.2 billion euros ($1.4 billion) in 2016.” According to… read more

VW Group at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

The recent 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is always quite a spectacle, and this year proved to be no exception. It’s one of the premier events in the motoring calendar, and it so happens it’s just an autobahn trip from VW headquarters in Wolfsburg. It was inevitable, therefore, that the Volkswagen Group would have plenty to… read more

Stupendous windscreen notes that were left for selfish parkers

There’s nothing like selfish parking to bring out the devil in us. Boxing us in. Taking up two parking spaces. Parking in our spot. That nameless, faceless jerk has inconvenienced us, and we want to make him (or her) pay for it. Enter the windscreen note, the perfect passive-aggressive response. Now admittedly, 99% of windscreen… read more

advice windscreen note