Does your car really say anything about you?

There is a global surplus of people willing to judge you according to what you drive. We’re not so sure anyone should be listening. Apparently, all our possessions say something about us. Buying avocados means you’re middle-class. Owning a cat is a sign you’re a hipster. Aged forty-plus and own flip-flops? You’ve given up on fashion…. read more

The eight silliest names for car models

In our last blog post, we commented on Skoda’s announcement that their new compact SUV will be  called the Karoq. Cool name, we said, and one that fits in nicely with their Kodiaq model. However, it got us thinking about the business of naming cars, and some of the terrible misfires the industry has had… read more

Paris deal on climate? SEAT are going green of their own accord.

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump announced that the USA would be withdrawing from the Paris Accord — the international agreement to take action on climate change that’s been signed by 195 countries. The move met with widespread condemnation, particularly in Europe. But many experts are now suggesting that The Donald’s decision might not be… read more

Spotlight on Skoda

At Welsh VW Specialists, we like to let you know what’s happening in the VW Group (currently the World’s seventh largest company*). In our previous posts, we’ve looked at new projects for SEAT, Audi and Volkswagen and the group as a whole. Which means we’ve been woefully neglecting one marque — Skoda. This post, we’re going… read more

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Ten manufacturers with the lowest MOT pass rates

A few weeks back, we blogged about the manufacturers that boast the best MOT pass rates. But there’s no yin without yang, and so this time we present the manufacturers with the lowest pass rates. Before we get started… We’d hate to mislead anyone about what the data tells us, so our list comes with… read more

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Want a used car that will pass its MOT? Here are the top ten marques

Everyone wants their car to sail calmly through its MOT. There are some simple ways we can all avoid MOT failure — such as checking your tyres — but it’s pretty apparent from VOSA and other statistics that some marques are simply more prone to failure than others. Let’s say you’re buying a used car,… read more

VW & Audi at New York International Auto Show

Showcasing the shiniest, newest, best and brashest of the automotive world, the 2017 New York International Auto Show ran from 14th – 23rd April. We look at three offerings from the VW group that debuted there. The R8 gains a monster GT4 version First up is the headline-grabbing, frankly ferocious-looking R8 LMS GT4. This is… read more

Have SEAT found cash in the Ateca?

Launched last year, SEAT’s Ateca is the Martorell-based company’s first compact crossover. Is it any good? We round up what the driving pundits are saying. In 2016, the Volkswagen group surpassed Toyota as the world’s most popular car manufacturer. Sales within SEAT, the group’s Spanish arm, have risen 27.8% in the last four years. Yet… read more

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Time to spring clean your car – seven quick tips

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we blogged that it was still winter, and we were exhorting you to make sure your car was fully equipped for bad weather. But now, spring is most definitely in the air and it’s time to prepare for the new season. Now that there’s actually some daylight in which… read more

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Seven terrible cars we see in our nightmares

As VW group specialists, we spend most of our time working with beautifully designed, solidly built vehicles. But in this post, we peek through our fingers at the other extreme – the cars that we see in our nightmares. Here’s our pick of seven of the worst cars ever assembled. 1. Austin Allegro This makes… read more

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